Digital dental implant in north of Tehran

Digital implant in Tehran
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Dr. Birang dental clinic is one of the best digital dental implant centers in Tehran. Digital implant examines the status of the patient’s teeth and gums by using 3D computer modeling.

After these examinations, the specialist obtains information about the patient’s jaw bone and the nerve fibers in the surrounding area. The obtained information makes it possible to make the least amount of incision in the jaw to perform the digital implant in Tehran. Stay with us to learn more about digital implants in this article.

Digital dental implant in Tehran

Digital dental implant procedure in Tehran

In order to perform a digital implant, in the first step, it is necessary to have a cbct radiograph of the jaw. What will happen if we want to do a digital implant?!

Dr. Ehsan Birang, a digital implant specialist in Tehran, says:

In order to be able to perform a precise implantation in the gum areas correctly; instead of using normal implant kits; We use digital implant kits.


Digital implant kits sometimes have more parts. The sequence of drills is also more. As a result, they need more precision to perform digital implants. Even the shape of these drills is different from the normal kit drills. Where are these used now?

We use surgical guides. In English, it means surgical guide by which we perform the preparation operation.

We start digital implant using these surgical guides that we prepare: that is, when the surgical guide was prepared, we place it, which is like a stencil in geometric works, on the patient’s jaw.

Then, using digital drills, we know exactly which areas to drill, cut and prepare the jawbone. As a result, we will have enough accuracy in terms of four dimensions and can do this preparation with maximum accuracy.

We drill the location of the implant with high precision and create cylinders from which the implant enters the bone and prepares the jawbone very precisely. But friends, this requires that we go through all the steps correctly.

That we should design and make this surgical guide correctly; we should make it with the right material that does not change its dimensions.

So if you ask if the digital implant can have an error? Yes, it can have very serious errors; however, if it is done correctly and is accompanied by high precisionand precise principles of engineering and medicine, it will be very accurate, fast and efficient.

If you need advice in the field of digital implants and immediate dental implants in Tehran, you can contact us at Dr. Ehsan Birang’s dental implant center in Tehran.

digital implant in tehtan by dr birang in iran

Conversion of mobile dentures to fixed dentures using digital implant in Tehran

One of the problems of a mobile prosthetic (or removable denture) is its displacement, loosening due to the passage of time and the deterioration of the patient’s jaw bone, to the extent that the so-called dental set must be rebuilt based on the new bone conditions.

Hence, regarding these limitations, by using the digital implant system and placing a number of implant abutment in the jaw bone, it is possible to turn the mobile dental set into a fixed one.

In this case, the patient can easily use denture () throughout the day and night.

The presence of an implant inside the patient’s jaw prevents the loss of the jaw bone and it will be a suitable site for placing the mobile dental set or mobile overdenture on the placed implants.

This type of digital dental implant can be done in one session using advanced digital systems, and you can easily receive this type of treatment at Dr. Ehsan Birang’s VIP Digital Implant Center.

Advantages of digital implants in Tehran

Among the advantages of digital implant in Tehran by Dr. Ehsan Birang, the following can be mentioned:

  • Since the incision is very small, it will not bleed like a traditional implant.
  • Bleeding in digital implants is very low and the recovery period is easy.
  • On the same day of surgery, the tooth is temporarily placed on the implant.
  • After a very short period of time, the final crown is prepared and placed.
  • The digital implant procedure is performed without stitches.

ایمپلنت دیجیتال در زعفرانیه تهران

Steps of digital implant

The steps of digital implant in Tehran by Dr. Birang are such that the parts used in digital implant are the same as normal or traditional implants.

The abutment material is made of titanium, which is compatible with the jaw bone and takes some time to weld. This abutment will play the same role as the root of the tooth and is permanent.

So, as we said, like a normal implant, the abutment of the implant is surgically placed in the jaw bone. The difference of the digital implant is that there is no longer a deep cut in the gum and only a small cut is made.

This cut is so precise that it does not need stitches. Then the crown is mounted on the abutment. The cost of digital implant is more than normal, but the dental prosthesis is designed and manufactured with the up-to-date technology and with very high precision. You can call 02126355429 to know the factors affecting the cost of implants.

All-on-4 and All-on-6 are among the latest digital implant techniques in Tehran, which can be used to implant all the missing teeth on one jaw using 4 or 6 implants, hence this system is called the All-on-4 and All-on-6.

After placing 4 to 6 implants on each jaw, 10 to 12 teeth can be mounted on the implants. Using this technique, it is possible to reduce the costs of implant placement and to perform dental implant with cheaper and more economical costs.

This digital dental implant system, which is performed at the Implant Center of Dr. Ehsan Birang, is performed rapidly and with the least amount of pain and bleeding, and after implant, you can have the beauty of permanent teeth and chew food with no problems.

Who are All on 4 and All on 6 implants suitable for?

  • This implant system is suitable for people who are completely edentulous or have lost most of their teeth.
  • Patients with severe periodontal disease that causes their teeth to become loose and suffer from bone loss and have reached edentulism.
  • For patients who have adequate bone density for 4 or 6 implants.

What is the difference between All-on-4 and All-on-6 implants?

Basically, All-on-4 is more suitable for patients who do not have enough bone in the posterior part to support additional implants, and it will be more affordable and cheaper.

If the patient has enough bone in the posterior of the jaw, or if the patient is younger, 6 implants can be used to better support the prosthesis. In this case, the function of dental prosthesis will be more suitable.

If you, dear patient in Tehran and even other cities, are suffering from complete loss of teeth and inability to chew food, we at Dr. Birang digital implant specialist office suggest you to use the All- on-4, All-on-6 system, or even convert removable dentures to fixed ones.

You can enjoy your smile in the shortest possible time with the least pain and bleeding and have no problem chewing food.

This implant process in Tehran is in this way that you can find out about the type of treatment plan by visiting Dr. Birang’s office and having an in-person examination, then by taking a CBCT dental photo and having information about your jaw and mouth, as well as a three-dimensional scan. Next, your mouth, the implant design of your fixed and interim prostheses is done, and the surgical guide for your jaw is designed and produced.

In the next appointment to our center, all procedures related to digital implant are done in one session and at the end you will be given an interim PMMA prosthesis and you can easily do your daily tasks and chew and talk after 2-3 months. After placing the implant and fusing it with the jaw and bones, in the final session, your final prosthesis will be replaced with a interim prosthesis, and you can enjoy your smile for years.

All stages of 3D scanning, digital smile design and guide surgery design, production of fixed and interim prostheses are performed by the professional and experienced team of Dr. Ehsan Birang in the specialized laboratory of this center.

Digital implantology procedure in Dr. Ehsan Birang’s office in Tehran

Applying advanced technology in diagnosis, treatment planning and presenting an application plan in the implant without pain and bleeding is one of the things that we follow at the specialized implant center in Tehran.

The application of advanced digital technologies in dentistry and especially dental implant placement has had a significant influence in recent years. But about 34% of dentists use these advances in implant treatment.

Of course, these developments in dentistry and digital implantology are being updated day by day. The new procedures of one-day implant, immediate implant or digital implant that we offer in Tehran is one of the most complex dental treatments that have improved with digital technology. These new methods are rapidly replacing traditional implant.

Call for a free digital implant consultation.

Digital diagnosis impressions by intraoral scanner

According to the presented photos, the first step in the digital implant is to scan intraorally and the areas related with surgery and implant. At Dr. Birang’s dental office, we use the latest intraoral scanning technology, which is highly accurate.

Using an intraoral scanner, a digital model of the inside of the mouth and the existing conditions of the dental implant core is created as a digital file. The accuracy range of these devices is 6.9 micrometers to 45.2 micrometers. In addition, these scanners benefit from high speed in processing and presenting digital waxup.

Diagnostic waxup and digital modeling

Diagnostic waxup is a vital component in digital implant planning. By using digital waxup with no presence of the patient, it is possible to perform different treatment modes on the digital model and finally choose the optimal and correct model.

By using digital modeling, it will be possible to visualize the patient’s smile after the final treatment. After the final design and morphology control of the teeth, it will be possible to 3D print the teeth as an interim PMMA veneer and the dentist can test the interim tooth model on the patient’s mouth.

CBCT photos are necessary for the precise planning of the implant site. Before the patient goes to Dr. Birang’s implant center in Tehran, a CBCT photo of the jaw and mouth must be prepared in a radiology center equipped with digital devices. This information is the infrastructure of implant design.

Dental implants design software

In 1988, CBCT photos were invented with good accuracy, which help to emerge the digital implant design. In 1993, implant design software and surgical guides were invented, which are widely used today, giving the dentist the ability to 3D model the convenience of implant placement, angles, punch point and other things.

Today, in addition to the ability to accurately assess the bone volume, bone density and restoration space, the location of the prosthesis can be accurately determined. Also, the sinus and nerve areas can also be investigated in modeling.

In sum, all the steps of intraoral scanning, preparing a photo of the patient’s smile, designing and modeling the smile plan, implant using digital modeling, surgical guide design, 3D printing of interim veneers and making permanent veneers in Dr. Birang’s specialized dental laboratory, are all the processes of one immediate implant treatment, which are provided at Tehran Implant Center and are performed under the guidance of the best implant specialist in Tehran, Dr. Ehsan Birang.

What is the cost of digital implant in North Tehran?

According to the patient’s jaw conditions, the number of implants and the patient’s clinical condition, as well as the type of surgery and the use of the implant brand, the prices are different.

In general, to know the prices, you can refer to the implant costs section on the site. We have gathered all kinds of modern and high-quality implant brands that are approved by all dentists over the world so that you can implant your teeth with any budget.

What is the cost of digital implant?

Is installment implant implantation done at Dr. Birang’s specialized dental center?

Yes, considering the economic conditions of the society and the need of people to have teeth and get rid of toothless conditions, the terms of payment in installments are available for you dear citizens of Tehran.

Moreover, we have provided special payment conditions for Education Ministry’s educators, medical staff and university professors for dental implant for them and their first-class family.

You can contact us to perform dental implant and learn about the type of treatment plan, and after making an appointment and visiting in person, continue your treatment with the advanced devices over the world.

The terms of installment payment of implant costs during the treatment period are available in this center. There are many questions from patients and visitors about cheap implants in Tehran, our answer is that cheap things are not good.

Finally, which specialist is better to perform digital implants in Tehran?

For consultation in dental digital implant in Tehran, immediate implant in Tehran via All-on-4 dental implant procedures in Tehran and All-on-6 and All-on-8 dental implant, you can contact Dr. Birang dental center, the best digital dental implant center in Tehran.

In addition, in this center, all brands of implants, including Korean, Swiss, German and American, are used with the best quality and variety of prices according to your budget.

Certainly, the cheap implants may not be of good quality and a few months after the implant, they may suffer from fillers or decay, which will cause problems for the dentist due to re-treatment and costs, and will also upset the patient. Therefore, be sure to consult with experts in this field and choose the best type of treatment.

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