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Dr. Ehsan Birang is the best implant specialist in Tehran
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Dr. Ehsan Birang, an implant specialist in North Tehran, is able to perform all esthetic dentistry procedures, including dental implants, ceramic laminates, composite veneers, and gum lift operations. Today, with the advancement of dental science, immediate tooth implantation (one of the most popular implant methods) is performed by an implant specialist in one day.

It should be noted that for implant implantation, you must visit a dentist who is a periodontist (gum surgeon) and implant specialist. In the rest of this article, we will give complete explanations about the types of dental implants, their characteristics and the required expertise of an implant specialist. Stay with us until the end of this article.

The best implant specialist in TehranCheap dental implants in Tehran

If you’re looking for dental implants, you’ve definitely come across ads focused on cheap dental implants. You must have heard this proverb “there isn’t no such thing as a free launch!” So we request you not to be deceived by the cheap price of implants in these ads.

Most people who use cheap implants are usually unprofessional, inexperienced, and fraudsters who use low-quality implant materials. Various factors affect the price of a dental implant, which you can read in the article affective factors on the cost of dental implants.

You can contact the office of Dr. Ehsan Birang at +989101372820 to get more information about the price of dental implant in Tehran. If you are having trouble paying for an implant, don’t worry anymore; Because Dr. Ehsan Birang has provided his patients with the possibility of paying the implant fee in installments in Tehran.

Who is a dental implant specialist?

Dental science has various specialized sub-branches. Each dentist works in a specific field with special expertise. The types of dentists are divided into the following 8 categories based on the branch and specialization in which they’re engaging:

  1. General dentist
  2. Orthodontic specialty (Orthodontist)
  3. Specialty of gum and implant surgery (Periodontist)
  4. Specialty of tooth pulp treatment (Endodontist)
  5. Specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery
  6. Specialty of dental prostheses (prosthodontist)
  7. Specialty of children’s dentistry
  8. Specialty of restorative and aesthetic dentistry

So, as mentioned above, a dental implant specialist is a dentist specializing in periodontist or gum and implant surgery. These implant specialists are trained and gain expertise in relation to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases (soft tissue and bone) and placement of dental implants.

A periodontist also uses non-invasive and non-surgical methods such as tooth scaling and sterling; and uses both soft tissue surgery and gum flap surgery to treat infection and gum diseases. He even enables to perform bone grafting in special cases such as severe damage to the jaw bone tissue.

Characteristics of a good dental implant specialist in Tehran

The best implant specialist in Tehran is someone who is completely familiar with fixed dental prosthesis, maxillofacial surgery. He has enough expertise and experience in surgery to be able to do dental implant well in case of critical conditions during surgery; Because many dental implant techniques and achievements have originated from maxillofacial surgery methods.

Also, in addition to having sufficient expertise and experience, due to the presence of sanctions and low-quality and fake implants in the Iranian market, he can suggest the best and highest-quality implants based on the specific conditions of each patient so that the patient can safely implant his denture.

Dr. Ehsan Birang is the best gum surgeon and implant specialist via all-on-x method in Zafaranieh, Tehran. You can refer to the treatment samples page to see his digital implant treatment samples.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implant is a substitute with no pain and blood for missing teeth. If a tooth has fallen out of the mouth due to various factors such as damage and decay, or if the dentist determines that it should be extracted, we usually use a dental implant to replace the missing tooth. There are 5 reasons for replacing missing teeth, which you can read in the related article.

Types of dental implants

Most of the existing dental implants are made of pure titanium, which is compatible with the human body. However, if a person is allergic to titanium implants, ceramic implants can be used. The shape of all implants is a thin screw-like rod that is inserted into the mandible bone and acts as a tooth root, and consists of an implant crown that acts as a tooth crown.

As Dr. Ehsan Birang, the best digital implant dentist in Tehran says:

Implants include normal implants and digital implants. In the method of digital implant, the tools and kits used during surgery and its operation are different from normal implants. The remarkable point about all kinds of dental implant is that if it is properly maintained after being placed in the mandible, it will have a very high durability and a long life.

What is a dental implant?

Which implant should we choose?

There are different types of implants as mentioned above. They are divided based on factors like: raw materials used in construction, manufacturer country and various other things. One of the frequent questions of patients is: which implant is suitable to choose?

The type of implant can be selected based on the diagnosis of the implant specialist dentist and according to the oral and dental health conditions of the patients in the initial examinations and the expenses that the patient can pay; But you can refer to the related article to read more.

Where do we start for dental implants?

At Dr. Ehsan Birang Dental Implant and Implant Center, we try to help the patient to become familiar with the treatment process and reduce his fear and stress by simply explaining the steps of each treatment. In this section, we have decided to describe the steps of replacing a missing tooth as Dr. Ehsan Birang, Painless Implant in Tehran says, and see what steps are used to do this?! So stay with us.

The first stage of dental implant placement

It is a detailed examination of the patient. In this examination, the oral condition and general health of our patient are checked. General health means to know whether the patient has blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases that may interfere with our treatment process or not?!

In addition to a detailed examination, at this stage we also need radiographs and CT scans. The task of the radiograph is to give us a broader view of the condition of the gums, teeth and bones. That’s why we always recommend not to settle for just those Opg photos.

We also need a CT scan or as we call it, CBCT. This photo gives us a three-dimensional view of the width and height of our mandible bone to an accuracy of tenth of a millimeter so that we know what size implant to use.

The second stage of dental implant placement

Determining if the bone we have at the implant site is enough or not? If we need reconstruction and bone grafting, we should know in advance what arrangements we should think about. So this is our initial examination stage. In the next step, we will enter the operational and surgical phase.

Naturally, as I (Dr. Ehsan Birang) always explain, we expect the implant treatment to be an almost painless treatment. If we have a good anesthesia and the person who performs the surgery is sufficiently scientifically aware and sophisticated; We can expect to have a painless surgery session for our patient.

To read more about the presence or absence of swelling after implants, you can refer to the article on swelling after dental implants.

The third stage of dental implant or surgical session

In a surgical session, the fixture is placed in the mandible bone. If we need to reconstruct the bone or do something for the gum; This will be done in that appointment. Sometimes it is possible that for some patients with special conditions, necessary treatments are performed or repeated in several sessions and at different stages.

But simply, in a surgical session, our expectation for a non-complicated case is to apply anesthesia, place the implant and, if necessary, perform a bone graft and finish the surgical session. We will usually have post-operative examinations three to seven days after surgery.

Given the conditions, we decide on which day to remove the stitches and after that based on the initial conditions and the type of implant we have used; In normal cases, we may wait from three weeks to three months for the implant and the bone to fuse together.

Where do we start for dental implants?

The fourth stage of dental implant

The next stage after the surgery will be the impression stage. Of course, in some cases, we can simultaneously place the implant; If the conditions are ideal, we’ll do the impression. In some cases, we do extensive bone grafting. We may wait for several months and then go to the stage of making the crown or impression. But again, in a normal process, it takes between three weeks and three months for this implant and the bone to fuse together.

When we prepare the cast and send it to the laboratory; It takes about two to three weeks for the final crown, i.e. the upper part of the tooth, to be made, sent to the office, and we install it on your implant. In this way, we restore the missing tooth so that we can return the aesthetic, speaking and chewing ability to our patient.

Final word:

If you need advice about traditional dental implants and digital implants, you can contact Dr. Ehsan Birang, the best immediate implant doctor in Tehran, through the communication ways available on our contact page. We will give you the best advice in the field of dental implants.

If you have ever had dental implant surgery in Tehran, we will be happy to share your valuable experiences with us below this article. If you still have questions or doubts about the content, you can find the answer as soon as possible by raising it under this article.

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