Immediate implant (one-day dental implant) in Tehran

Immediate implant in Tehran
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Immediate one-day dental implant is one of the newest dental implant methods in the world, which is fortunately performed by Dr. Ehsan Birang, a dental implant specialist in Tehran, with the most up-to-date equipment. In the following, we will answer your frequently asked questions about immediate implants or one-day dental implants in Tehran. Stay with us.

مشاوره ایمپلنت فوری تهران

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are a method to permanently replace missing teeth. In non-immediate or traditional implants, we need a long time for the root to fuse in the jaw; But in the immediate implant method, the root and crown or tooth prosthesis are placed in the patient’s mouth in one day.

What are the components of a dental implant?

All types of implants consist of three parts: Implant fixture, abutment and veneer.

Fixture or implant base

The fixture, which is the foundation or base of the implant, acts as the root of the tooth. By making a hole in the patient’s gum, the implant specialist dentist places the implant base or fixture in the jawbone. This fixed fixture fuses with the jawbone and provides a strong base for attaching the implant veneer.

Implant abutment

The second most important piece in every implant, which is also called middle pieces; It is called abutment. This middle piece that looks like a screw; It is made of titanium, zirconium and gold. The function of the abutment is to establish a strong connection between the implant fixture and the implant veneer.

Implant veneer

The third piece in an implant, which is very similar to the crown of a person’s natural tooth and forms the top and visible part of the implant, is a veneer. The implant veneer is placed on the abutment and fixture and acts like a person’s natural tooth.

Maybe you have thought to yourself that in addition to maintaining the beauty of the mouth, what other reasons can there be for replacing the missing tooth? Our suggestion to read more about this is to refer to the article: 5 reasons for replacing the missing teeth.

What is an immediate implant?

Unlike non-immediate implant methods or traditional implants, immediate implant or one-day dental implant replaces a person’s lost tooth in the fastest possible time, i.e. one day and with no pain.

In the immediate tooth implant method, the implant specialist places the implant fixture in the gum immediately after extracting the damaged and decayed tooth and puts an interim veneer on it.

Who is allowed to do one-day immediate dental implant?

Dr. Ehsan Birang, a gum surgeon specialist in Tehran, due to the different oral and dental conditions of each patient, will find out whether the patient is a suitable candidate for an immediate implant or not by examining and performing several tests. But in the rest of this article, we will review some of the important points to do an immediate implant together.

  • Losing multiple teeth that you need quick treatment to replace and aesthetic of your teeth.
  • Your bone density is sufficient to perform the implant procedure, otherwise you must perform a bone graft or sinus lift first.
  • Do not suffer from gum diseases and have healthy gums.
  • Observe complete oral and dental hygiene.
  • Your immune system is healthy and strong.
  • Teeth grinding makes the immediate implant method not suitable for you; Because you will have problems in the long run.


How long does immediate dental implant take?

Most of the immediate dental implant procedures are done in one day and during one session. That is why it is called a one-day implant. So, if you are a person who wants to have your teeth implanted in the shortest time and with the fewest appointments to an implant specialist dentist; This type of treatment is perfect for you.

Only in the sessions where most of the implant is done, an interim veneer is placed inside the mouth, and you need to return to the clinic a few weeks later to place the permanent veneer.

Immediate implant stages in Tehran

As Dr. Ehsan Birang says, an all-on-x implant specialist in Tehran:

In the immediate implant, just like the traditional implant, the implant abutment, which acts as the root of the tooth, must be welded in the jawbone. The difference between these two methods of implanting is that in the immediate implant, the specialist dentist places an interim crown in the mouth on the same day. Until the original and permanent crown is made, this crown is mounted on the abutment.

Immediate front tooth implant in Tehran

Planting an implant in the anterior teeth area is one of the most sensitive and common implant treatments. Due to various reasons, as a result of sudden blows and accidents or sudden objects hitting the front teeth, the front teeth are completely lost and it creates an unpleasant look on the person’s smile and face.

In these cases, the patient can treat the front toothless area by using an immediate implant and perform the entire dental implant and interim prosthesis in one session without surgery and with minimal bleeding. The advantage of this treatment is not cutting the gums and not having a gum flap. Because if the gum is cut, a stitch will be needed, and this stitch must be in the patient’s mouth until the implant abutment is welded, and most patients will not be able to bear this appearance.

Therefore, the best way to replace a missing tooth in the smile area is to use an immediate and one-session implant at Dr. Ehsan Birang’s implant center.

If you need more information about immediate dental implants in the frontal site, you can read this article.

What is the advantage of immediate implant?

Immediate implant of front teeth

One of the important advantages of the immediate implant is its use in teeth that are exposed to others. Because beauty is more important for these exposed teeth and it is also important for the patient like the front teeth.

Of course, depending on the patient’s condition, for teeth that are not visible, this type of implant is used when we treat several teeth, otherwise, this method is not recommended for single teeth, which of course again depends on the individual’s condition.

Short treatment time

As we said at the beginning of the article, most treatment is done in one session. Due to the rapidity of immediate implant treatment compared to traditional implants, fewer patients are discouraged; Because the traditional implants needed 3 to 6 months.

Less surgery during treatment

Because the implant base, abutment and interim dental veneer are all placed in the patient’s mouth in one day; After a few weeks and to place the main veneer, it is no longer necessary to split the patient’s gums again to place the abutment and permanent prosthesis; Because they are already implanted in the gums.


Disadvantages of immediate implants

In addition to all the many benefits that were stated for one-day immediate dental implants; There are also disadvantages that we will discuss below.

The existence of the slightest mistake and the possibility of treatment failure

Since the immediate implant is a new treatment, it requires a lot of expertise and experience of the periodontist. Placing an interim dental veneer requires high knowledge and skill; Because if the dentures crown is not installed carefully, it will cause the movement of the fixture inside the gum, and hence, the treatment will fail.

Dr. Ehsan Birang, an all-on-4 implant specialist in Tehran, with his knowledge and high work experience, will reduce the probability of treatment failure to zero if there is a high cooperation of the patient. To see samples of implant placements by Dr. Ehsan Birang, refer to the treatment samples page.

It is not possible to treat all patients

One-day implant treatment is not possible for all patients. Patients who do teeth grinding do not have strong jawbones and other cases.

Does immediate implant surgery hurt?

Any type of medical and dental procedure is definitely associated with pain; Because performing them is associated with surgery and gum splitting and tooth extraction and filling. The pain that the patient feels after the implant treatment depends on many different factors such as: the method of implant placement, the number of placed implants.

Definitely, the longer the implant time and the more implants are placed, the more pain is felt. Since the immediate dental implant time is very short and all the components of the implant are placed in one day, the pain felt will be much less compared to other methods.

Definitely, Dr. Ehsan Birang, a digital implant specialist in North Tehran, will give you the experience of painless and error-free dental implant by performing an immediate digital implant with no surgery.

Immediate dental implant cost in Tehran

Determining the cost of an immediate dental implant depends on various factors, such as: the number of implants needed, the condition of the patient’s mouth and teeth, the need or not for bone grafting, costs related to the clinic and office, the specialist’s payment and the implant brand used. You can contact us with the phone numbers on contact us page for detailed information on the immediate implant price in Tehran.

Cheap immediate dental implant in Tehran

If you are looking for immediate dental implant, with a simple search, you must have come across advertisements about doing cheap immediate dental implants; But we need to be honest with you and say that dear friend, cheap things are not good, good things are not cheap.

The cheap implant used by these people, who are often with no expertise and experience, is one of the worst types of implants and increases the possibility of treatment failure and causing infection and gum diseases for people.

If they are worried about the costs of their one-day dental implant, it should be noted that Dr. Ehsan Birang has given his patients the option of paying for the implant in installments in Tehran, so that patients can pay for the beauty and health of their teeth without worrying about the costs of this treatment.

Complications of one-day immediate dental implant

Painless dental implants, like other dental treatments, can be risky. Complications such as: the possibility of the fixture screw not welding to the jaw bone, infection of the gum tissue, and breaking the implant veneer if a lot of force is applied to it and the implant abutment moves in the gum.

However, all these risks and possible complications can be reduced or completely eliminated by referring to an experienced and professional implant specialist and following all his recommendations.

Immediate implant (one-day dental implant) yes or no?

In this article, Dr. Ehsan Birang, an all-on-6 implant specialist in Tehran, provided a complete explanation about the immediate implant to you, dear friend.

Immediate dental implants are a quick, painless, and surgical way to replace a missing tooth. It was said that most of the treatment will be done in one session and it does not need to spend 3 to 6 months like traditional implants; But unfortunately, it must be said that this treatment is not possible for all patients.

Dear friends inside and outside the country, you can call +989101372820 for an online consultation or visit the doctor’s office in person at the address: Unit 14, No. 14, Pesian South St., Maqas Ardabili St., Zafaranieh, Tehran.

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